" TB is curable, Asthma is controllable, Smoking is avoidable and Lung Cancer is preventable."
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Respiratory Research Foundation of India(RRFI) was formed in 2001 with the intention of spreading information and creating awareness on various respiratory related illnesses. Lung is an open organ and is exposed to all bacteria and dusts through our normal breath. This can create problems in normal individuals, people with diabetes and decreased resistance and in people who have undergone transplantation.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease about which everything is known like what causes the disease, what are drugs are available, how many months of treatment is to be taken. But many are not aware that drugs are available free in government hospitals and NGOs.Atmospheric pollution is on the increasing with ever increasing number of vehicles, factories, independent single dwelling units becoming into multiple dwelling units, This is causing an increase in incidence of asthma and COPD. For these diseases we know inhalers are the best but only a small percentage of the people use this.Smoking is a problem that is raising at an astronomical phase and despite knowing the ill effects of it many continue to smoke blissfully. It causes cancer in all organs and not only in lungs.

The foundation is formed with the main motto that TB is curable, Asthma is controllable, Smoking is avoidable and lung cancer is preventable. This a charity based organization. Our objective is to improve the standard care of the people by giving information on important illness that can be prevented and also about illness that can be cured if they approach their physicians early enough.

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